Welcome Fraud Fighters:

It's about mission. It's about service. It's about knowledge. It's about you. Frauducate Counter-Fraud Academy was created to share knowledge, experience, and skills conducting fraud and financial crime investigations. We exist to equip, support, and release counter-fraud professionals to do the work of fighting fraud and financial crimes. Fraud affects all of us, even if we don't see it in big ways like having $50 million dollars drained from your investment account or even having that kind of money to be risked in the first place.

Fraud hits in small ways - increased healthcare costs, increased costs of goods, increases in criminal activity and brazen thievery, and the overall effect of making the world a painfully small and hostile place. Fraudsters don't particularly care what political party or religion you are part of; they don't care what school you went to, if you have six pack abs, or details about your favorite sports team. Ironically, even fraudsters don't like being defrauded. Fraud affects us all.

Most people work hard - especially in this economy - and are honest people that want to be rewarded for their work. They want to live their lives and enjoy their family, friends and hobbies. They don't want to see their hard work stolen away by some unscrupulous financial bandit whether that bandit comes in a suit-and-tie, is part of an organized fraud ring, or steals from behind a keyboard. Protecting people and holding fraudsters accountable IS the mission for all counter-fraud professionals.

Here is our commitment, the things we value.Here is the mission:

  1. Service - we exist to make you better
  2. Integrity - we do the right thing
  3. Continuous Improvement - we get better and better so you get better and better
  4. Respect - we treat our students, instructors, and vendors how we want to be treated

Enroll today. Let's meet the mission together. Let's get started.